Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Altered Coffee tins

Hello Again !
Since I blogged twice yesterday I thought i would try and keep up the good work and blog again today :)
I decided to alter some coffee tins i have been saving up, since they are taking up to much space in my cupboards, I have lots of them thanks to my partner being a Coffeeholic! lol 
They are simply decorated as once I started  them i didn't really know what to do with them.
I have before and after pictures..
I also started an Album tonight, hopefully i can get it finished tomorrow and show you what i made.
Hope you all had a lovely day! 

The empty coffee tins washed and ready to alter

The Altered Coffee Tins, I just popped some pens and brushes into the tins for the photo
I am not quite sure what i am going to use them for, although the middle one is full of Buttons 
 and that's what that one will be used for ( i don't have many buttons ) 
Thanks for stopping by :) 


Janet said...

Lovely decorated tin and such a great idea to recycle coffee tins and use them as storage

Deborahann said...

Great idea hun, keep them just as they are, on your desk or table, they look fab. xx

Crafty little haven said...

They turned out pretty and usefull. May put all the things you can never find in them? Haha xx