Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Merry Christmas to All

I would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year!
I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Holidays with your family, Good friends, Good Food and Good memories to look back on.
I have had a  crazy few weeks at work and haven't had much time to craft :) or do my Christmas shopping so the next few days for me are going to be hectic!
Hugs to you all where ever you are x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Paper Bag Mini Album

This Mini albums was made using Paper bags, I haven't used the paper bags before because its very hard to get hold of them here in the UK, the bags I got aren't the best as the aren't perfect in shape but after a little adjusting they turn out pretty good to work with.
I used 6 paper bags on this album, the paper stack i used is by melissa Francis they were 12 x 12 sheets, each page has photo mats, and in each pocket page there is large tags 8.'' x 5.5.
I used my alternations die to cut out some letters to add the words CHERISH & SMILE.
The front cover has been embellished with a stamped sentiment, I have added I Am Roses ,WOC flowers
Flat back pearls,Lace Trim and a Martha Stewart Butterfly.
I have used Vinyl for the spin binding and 2 chipboards for the front and back cover.
The over all size of this album is 8.5'' x 6.5''
I had fun making this album as the paper bags were a treat to work with.
I would really like to get hold of some smaller paper bags to try making smaller albums, i have got lots of 6x4 photos i would like to get into an album and small paper bags would be better.

Tags Desk calendar & journal

just a few tags and journals i have made, I was really just experimenting with the tags, after making some homemade glimmer mist.
The journals are fun to make, I just use my scraps of paper to fill the journals and use chipboard covers and do some stamping, quite easy and simple.

Forever Friends Mini Album

Using the 6x6 Prima paper pad ''Reflections''
 Front cover has been embellished with I Am roses,martha stewart Butterfly,prima bling
a handmade charm with various beads, ribbons on the binding.
I stamped a scalloped circle with ''friends are forever'' and put it on top of 2 larger scalloped circles.
A few of the pages i have left plain as the papers
are to beautiful to cover or hide.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Give Away winner

Hi ladies, The Give Away winner is  Onecraftyscookie on YT (terrie)
thankyou all for joining in, Its a shame everyone isn't a winner :( you are all lovely and I appreciate you taking apart.
This has been Fun to do and i plan on having more Give aways soon.
Not only am i learning and being more creative through you all, I am making new Friends on YT and here on my blog.
I am trying to work out how you all do these swaps .... it sounds like a challenge and something i would like to take part in or even host! so if anyone can enlighten me that would fab!
hope you all have a super day and happy crafting!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

HELP! Problems leaving Comments on My Blog :(

It has been brought to my attention that some people are having difficulties leaving comments on my Blog, i have tried leaving a comment my self and its not letting me.
I have checked the settings and all seem fine.
does anyone know why this happens? do you experience the same problem? Got a solution?

Craft Working Area

This is my craft work space, its a very small shed at the side of my house, I don't have alot of space in my house, i used to store my stash in the cupboard under the stairs and pull everything out when i was crafting but as you can imagine that was a very tiring ordeal and it used to put me off starting anything. My father inlaw built me my shed and to start with it was super i had all my stash at hand when i needed it, now i have more equipement and more supplies i am struggling again to have work space.

I have watched lots of tutorials on YT which show beautiful well organised craft rooms, you ladies are so lucky to have the space you require for crafting.

I am actually considering moving to a bigger home so i can have a spare room for crafting. does this make me a serious crafter ?  will i just fill up a bigger space and need a bigger crafting room ? is it endless ?

Its amazing how you start off with a few supplies then hundreds of pounds later you have more equipement in your craft room than in your whole house! lol

you could'nt swing a cat in this space, not that i would want to, I love cats

Thank You

I would just like to thank you all for Following me here on my Blog and also subscribbing to my YT channel.
You lovely ladies are all so very talented and inspire me every day to try something new, you have also cost me a fortune! lol as i have been buying lots of equipement and supplies :)

My most recent purchase has been a the cricut machine and i was lucky enough to get it as part of a bundle package and at a bargain price:))  I wore out the first cutting matt in 4 days lol then had to wait 2 days  for some new cutting matts to be delieved :( in that time the Big shot machine got some attention.

I wish you all good luck on my Give Away.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Craft & Scrapbooking Give Away ! 19t oct-28th oct 2011 ''CLOSED''

Hi All, this is my give Away for the end of the month, I have started it earlier that i first said (21st 0ct 2011) As i forgot i am working and wont have the time, closing date is Fri 28th of Oct 2011.
all you have to do is Subscibe to my YT channel & my Blog and leave a comment on each one.
this is open to anyone , anywhere, no restrictions :)
I hope you enjoy the video and hope you will leave a comment for a chance to win.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Various card Toppers & tags

Various card toppers & tags

Junk/Smash books/Scrapbooks

Here are a some Junk Journals/smash books/art journals/scrapbook i have made over the last few months.
these are great books for many different purposes.
They are great fun to make.
they are all bound together using the Bind It all machine, which is a handy little machine to have!
These have all been sold and all good feedback recieved :)

Above is a 8x4 ''Graphic 45'' designed scrapbook

Graphic 45 internal pages (10 blank 20 sides to decorate)

above 6x4 Black ''Enjoy The Journey''  junk journal

Internal pages with  Tags

Above 6x4 Mocha ''Live The Life you've imagined'' Junk Journal

Internal pages with tags

6x4 Aqua ''Enjoy the Journey'' Junk journal

Internal Multi coloured pages with tags and Envelops

6x4 Pink ''Enjoy the Journey'' Junk journal

Internal pages with tags and designer papers

Above 6x4 Spring green ''Unforgettable moments'' Junk journal

Internal pages white/spring grreen & Gold shimmer

Above 6x4 brown Baby '' Unforgettable moments'' Scrapbook
10 pages 20 sides

Internal pages ''baby'' & duck images

Internal pages '' baby'' & nappy pin images