Sunday, 23 October 2011

Craft Working Area

This is my craft work space, its a very small shed at the side of my house, I don't have alot of space in my house, i used to store my stash in the cupboard under the stairs and pull everything out when i was crafting but as you can imagine that was a very tiring ordeal and it used to put me off starting anything. My father inlaw built me my shed and to start with it was super i had all my stash at hand when i needed it, now i have more equipement and more supplies i am struggling again to have work space.

I have watched lots of tutorials on YT which show beautiful well organised craft rooms, you ladies are so lucky to have the space you require for crafting.

I am actually considering moving to a bigger home so i can have a spare room for crafting. does this make me a serious crafter ?  will i just fill up a bigger space and need a bigger crafting room ? is it endless ?

Its amazing how you start off with a few supplies then hundreds of pounds later you have more equipement in your craft room than in your whole house! lol

you could'nt swing a cat in this space, not that i would want to, I love cats

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