Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Junk/Smash books/Scrapbooks

Here are a some Junk Journals/smash books/art journals/scrapbook i have made over the last few months.
these are great books for many different purposes.
They are great fun to make.
they are all bound together using the Bind It all machine, which is a handy little machine to have!
These have all been sold and all good feedback recieved :)

Above is a 8x4 ''Graphic 45'' designed scrapbook

Graphic 45 internal pages (10 blank 20 sides to decorate)

above 6x4 Black ''Enjoy The Journey''  junk journal

Internal pages with  Tags

Above 6x4 Mocha ''Live The Life you've imagined'' Junk Journal

Internal pages with tags

6x4 Aqua ''Enjoy the Journey'' Junk journal

Internal Multi coloured pages with tags and Envelops

6x4 Pink ''Enjoy the Journey'' Junk journal

Internal pages with tags and designer papers

Above 6x4 Spring green ''Unforgettable moments'' Junk journal

Internal pages white/spring grreen & Gold shimmer

Above 6x4 brown Baby '' Unforgettable moments'' Scrapbook
10 pages 20 sides

Internal pages ''baby'' & duck images

Internal pages '' baby'' & nappy pin images


Friday said...

Wow, you did a lot of smashing of all these wonderful books. TFS...

Tracy said...

These are all so gorgeous.

Esthercraft said...

What a kewl and nifty idea... you did a smashing job on those books!!