Friday, 22 July 2016

Spicy Mexican Rice My recipe

Today I am coming to share a recipe with you, this is my take on spicy Mexican rice,
there are many recipes out there and I have tried quite a few this is how I like mine ...

What you will need 
Large round pan
Large deep pan 
Wooden spatula 

For the rice 
1 cup of basmati rice 
2 1/2 cups of vegetable stock 

Other ingredients
Olive oil  
1 red onion chopped finely 
1 large carrot diced (small ) 
1 clove of garlic 
1 tsp Chilli powder or pre packed chilli mix add enough to preferred taste 
Salt and pepper 
190g Tin of red kidney beans drained rinsed well 
400g tin of chopped tomatoes or chopped fresh tomatoes 
1 cup of fresh garden peas or frozen 
1 lemon ( optional)
you can add other vegetabls of your choice.
To cook the Rice
I always cook my rice earlier on in the day and leave to cool. 
Soak and rinse Rice well if preferred 
Put rice in a deep pan and add the 2 1/2 cups of vegetable stock ( make sure the stock water is hot ) bring to the boil stir and simmer for 12-15mins or what ever the rice package suggests
Once cook leave to cool then using a fork lightly fluff the rice up. 

Now to cook the rest of the vegetables
Using a large frying pan add a tablespoon of Olive oil and heat it up
Then add the chopped onions and garlic cook till the onions have softened.
Then add the carrots, tomatoes, peas and kidney beans cook for 3 mins add the chilli or chilli mix and cook for a further 2-3 mins add the pre cooked rice and slowly cook for 5 mins stirring all the time so the rice doesn't stick to the pan.
Add seasoning as required.
Squeeze the lemon juice all over the rice 
( this is optional)
This dish is lovely on its own or as a side dish for any meal. 

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